Agricultural Stretch Film

Sector Agricultural


We provide a wide range of agricultural films for silage:        

• Agrofilm (5 Layers)        

• Silopower (7 Layers)        

• Silopower extra (7 Layers)

Agrofilm ® is a high-tech product with 5 coextruded layers, providing high resistance to tearing and to solar radiation for up to 12 months.


Agrofilm® the agricultural film that preserves the nutritional value of the silage for your animals. Improves palatability of forage.        

• High impermeability        

• High stretching capacity        

• High tear resistance        

• Universal use

Additional features:

The production of Agrofilm is monitored electronically and laboratory tested.

Environment Recomendation:

After use, there are specialised companies that assure the best way to put used plastic into the recycling loop.

Recycling instructions:

Stretch and fold into a rectangle, roll up and fasten with tape / plastic rope.

SiloPower ® 

your new high-performance 7 layers agristretch film. The formulation of SiloPower is designed to be used under all conditions and is suitable for all types of wrappers.

7 Layers confers 7 Advantages

• Total uniformity        

• Excellent bale sealing        

• Improved dart drop        

• Secured UV Protection        

• High puncture resistance        

• High tear resistance        

• Smooth outside layer on bale

Polivouga sets a new standard for high quality agriculture stretchfilms .

SiloPower The 7 layer technology - for further improved film behaviour. Beside higher dart drop and tear strength, 7 layer film shows a significant decrease of thickness tolerances. Whereas standard 3 layer films shows ± 12%, 5 layer films ± 8% - the 7 layer technology allows to decrease the tolerance down to just as little as ± 3% (On average). The low production tolerances lead to a perfect uniformity of the film quality. Thus prevents weak areas, where the film could break. This is especially for thickness reduced films of ultimate advantage. The quality of the silage significantly depends on the bale airtightness. Essentially for high airtightness is the number of film layers on a bale.

SiloPower Extra A new generation of agristretch films. 22μm - 7 layers, flexible stretch film with reduced thickness. The most economical solution for round bales.


Silage bales wrapped with Silopower ® films show excellent results when being wrapped with 6 film layers of film.