Our commitment

Quality, innovation and the environment


POLIVOUGA assures the permanent commitment of achieving a high level of satisfaction from its customers and partners through the practice of clear and strict policies in Quality, Food Safety and Environment.

Thus, POLIVOUGA commits to set, communicate and implement, along with its stakeholders, a policy focused on:

  • Competence: a know-how of more than 40 years, combined with a continuous investment in the modernization of our processes, allow us to provide solutions that offer increased productivity and efficiency, which not only meet but also exceed customers’ expectations.
  • Product Safety and Quality Culture:  to build a mindset and culture, through programs that encourage the coworkers’ engagement, develop their skills, manage risks and lead to growing levels of excellence and responsibility towards our Clients.
    • Compliance with Requirements: legal and regulatory demands applicable to our business area and guarantee of product authenticity.
    • Integrity: to always operate in the market with an attitude of respect, honesty and transparency.
  • Determination: the active involvement of all employees in customer service and continuous improvement allow us to address with maximum flexibility our customers’ demands.
  • Agility: a dynamic and proactive development of new products allied to a quick response to the challenges posed by our customers and the market.
  • Respect for the Environment: Polivouga seeks the use of manufacturing processes that allow the optimization of raw materials and energy consumption as well as the reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) and waste. It undertakes to fulfill with compliance obligations, continuously improve the environmental management system and manage its environmental aspects with the aim of preventing pollution.


Polivouga embraces a continous development policy with the goal of ensuring a superior quality level of its products.

Research and Development

Research and Development is the main instrument to fulfill the Polivouga Group's ambitions in terms of Innovation and to support its sustainability and future technological growth.

The R&D mission focuses on:

- Improved product quality and maximized productivity;

- Design and Development of new solutions, allowing the development of new products that create added value at a global level;

- Promote innovation and competitiveness, through the optimization and development of new industrial and technological processes to reduce costs, improve quality and create new products;

- Contribute to sustainable development, reducing environmental impact, with a focus on the new Circular Economy of the plastics industry.

01. Improve Product Quality

02. Maximize Productivity

03. Design and Development of New Products

04. Innovation, Competitiveness and Sustainability

Technical Support

Service, Involvement and Commitment to Customers at a technical and commercial level is one of the most important commitments of the Polivouga Group. The Technical and Commercial Service is a priority, standing out in the strong commercial strategy of the group.

Counting on the synergy of the various departments and the versatility of the team, the team monitors and supports the customer throughout the entire process, taking into account the need, specificity and applicability in each case, also ensuring any possible root cause and problem solving.

The Polivouga Group's main priority is to help our customerts to achieve their goals, through the technology and solutions we have, relying on our experience and knowledge and on establishing a partnership based on trust and success.